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Laboratoire de la finance africaine

Le finlab

Le finlab

Africa FinLab is a laboratory of ideas, supports and promots innovation in finance, serving public and private financial market players. Its main objective is to intervene on levers that transform African finance, basing its approach on international dialog and cooperation. .

AfricaFinlab also aims to support African finance market players in the new era of global finance, which is a more direct, digital and innovative finance that consumes a lot of skills and talents.

The Lab is organized around three areas of expertise, structured around the triptych: FINANCE / INNOVATE / EDUCATE.

We aim to develop "ecosystems" on each of these three poles of expertise, to create the critical mass of exchanges and activity, which is necessary for the mobilization of the various actors concerned:

  • FINANCE: the aim is accompanying the development of the African capital markets to serve the African economies and growth financing.
  • INNOVATE: the objective is to support the innovation and digitization of finance, especially the development of FinTechs.
  • EDUCATE: the ambition is creating a framework for the development of skills and talents.